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Planning A Group Corporate Event In Estrie? Follow These Tips!

Quebec has many hotels and resorts, and a large number of them have conference rooms and meeting halls, which can be rented for an event and corporate requirement. If you have been thinking of a special event, workshop or group engagement activity in Estrie, selecting a good venue should be your first priority. Yes, you need a salle congres estrie, but we are talking of engagement here, and businesses should consider the experience they can provide to the participants. This could refer to an employee workshop or a warm-up event for clients. In this post, we are discussing more on selecting a venue and some of the other aspects that matter.

The basics for selecting a venue

No matter the number of fun activities that you plan, it is absolutely necessary to think of a corporate event as a professional one, where you would need a few basic essentials. Start by checking for venues, hotels, and resorts that have equipment and arrangements for corporate meetings, conferences, and the place should be able to accommodate the number of guests you intend to invite.

Do include a few activities

Quebec, especially Estrie, has a good number of natural parks. If you want your participants to stay for a couple of days, you would want to have some activities beyond work, which could be anything like a horse ride or trek or something like a fun game. While looking for venues, you need to check if the hotel can make such arrangements and if they have enough things that can be done in-doors or close by.

Plan in advance

Most managers don’t seem to realize this, but planning a corporate workshop in advance is always important, especially in Quebec, where business activities are often at peak, in almost every season. If you want to find the best venue, want to check more options in terms of food, catering, stay and other things, it is best to check early for choices. It is also a good idea to consider the budget, because it might be necessary to compare a few options.

Corporate events, especially the ones that involve clients, customers, and industry contacts, are often seen as a representation of the brand, and it is always a good idea to spend a tad more, especially for the venue and food. You want your people to think of work and pleasure at the same time, and even the minute details matter.

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